First post.

After tiddling around with "blog" in MediaWiki without proper support for blog like activity I decided to activate the this blog to try to get this thing going in a better direction with bigger steps and faster.

The blogging software in use on Gandi blogs is

Changed the default language to English obviously.

An interesting question needing solving sooner rather than later:

Which URL formation scheme to choose?

Which URL formation schemes offered by DotClear would be best for use in

The meaning of this blog is not to obsolete the wiki but to work in tandem with it.

The was going forward so nicely until 2006 came along and I was forced lock-down the wiki for almost half-a-year. We all know that is an excellent way to kill a blossoming small wiki. I got locked up in a place where I was unable to continue sysop(presseur)ing the wiki so that happened :( :(

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